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OPA4872 4:1 video multiplexer. Basic setup

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My questions concern the OPA4872. I would like to use this component for 4:1 composite video multiplexing, however, I am new to the field of circuit building and am not familiar with all of the OPA4872's pins.

To clarify my questions, I'm listing the pin names as indicated in the datasheet:

1: IN0. 2: GND. 3: IN1. 4: GND. 5: IN2 6: V-. 7: IN3. 8: V+. 9: OUT. 10: FB. 11: SD. 12: EN. 13: A1. 14: A0.

What is V-? Is this the chip's V+ ground, or does this pin actually require a negative voltage?

What is a negative voltage?

And what is the function of FB? The diagram shows FB connected to the negative side of the OUT Triangle, which leads me to believe that FB is a ground, too.

If it is, should it be made common with the input grounds?


I understand that it is not wise to test these components on a breadboard, but for the sake of prototyping, will it work?


I know that's a lot. Hope it is all clear.

OPA4872's datasheet can be found here.