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INA330: INA330 Current limits

Part Number: INA330

Hello, I am using the INA330 for set-point temperature control application. I wanted to confirm a few aspects of my understanding of the datasheet.

Does the ±12.5uA maximum guaranteed current correspond to pin 7 (Io) or pin 8 (Vo)? This wasn't clear to me from the Current Conveyor - Current Output Range listed in the table on page 3 relative to the this statement on page 7: "The INA330 output (pin 8) is capable of swinging to within 10mV of the power-supply rails. It is able to achieve rail-to-rail output performance while sinking or sourcing 12.5μA." Similarly, is the Vo output current limit ±25mA (short circuit current)?

If the 12.5uA current limit does apply to the Io pin 7, I wanted to confirm that this inherently limits the Vo voltage swing based on the Rg value selected. The Vo swing would only guaranteed to be Rg*±12.5uA before Io becomes current-limited and the voltage won't scale linearly. So a 200k Rg gives a Vo=Vadj±2.5V, while a 5k Rg would give a Vo=Vadj±62.5mV. That voltage range could possibly be limited/saturated if the voltage swing extends too close to GND or V+ based on the Vadj set-point voltage. Is that all correct?

Thanks for your help.