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[FAQ] How do I design Low Noise & Low Distortion Headphone & Small Signal Audio Amplifiers?

Other Parts Discussed in Thread: LM833

How do I design Low Noise & Low Distortion Headphone & Small Signal Audio Amplifiers?

Headphone Amplifiers

  • On-Chip Thin Film Resistors Enable High-Performance Audio Circuitry – SBOA312

  • Stabilizing Difference Amplifiers for Headphone Applications – SLYT630

  • A High-Fidelity Headphone Amplifier for Current Output Audio DAC’s Reference Design – TIPD177

  • Headphone Amplifier for Voltage-Output Audio DACs Reference Design – TIPD189

  • Amp up your cans:

    • Part 1: How much power do headphones need?

    • Part 2: Is your op amp stable

    • Part 3: Test your headphone amplifier distortion knowledge

    • Part 4: Distortion in headphone amplifiers

    • Part 5: Pop/Click suppression in headphone amplifiers

Audio Signal Path Design

  • Active-Filtering Circuit for Audio DACs – SBAA322

  • HiFi Audio Circuit Design – SBOA237

  • AN-346 High-Performance Audio Applications of the LM833 – SNOA586D

  • Analog, Active Crossover Circuit for Two-Way Loudspeakers – TIPD134

  • Active Volume Control for Professional Audio – TIPD136

  • Tone Stack for Guitar Amplifier Reference Design – TIPD186

  • 0.1-10Hz Amplifier Noise Measurement Filter Reference Design – TIPD122

  • Low-Power Reference and Bipolar Voltage Conditioning Circuit Reference Design for Low-Power ADCs – TIPD154

Low Noise and Low Distortion Design

Microphone pre-amplifier design

  • Phantom Power with Operational Amplifiers – SBOA320

  • Single-Supply, Electret Microphone Preamplifier Reference Design – TIPD181

General op amps knowledge

Newest Technology Audio Amplifiers

  • OPA1656 – SoundPlus™, ultra-low noise and distortion, audio operational amplifier

  • OPA1671 - Rail-to-Rail input and output, low voltage audio operational amplifier

  • INA1620 – High-fidelity audio operational amplifier with integrated thin-film resistors

  • INA1651 - High common-mode rejection, low distortion differential line receiver