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OPA828: Output swing specification disagrees with datasheet figures

Part Number: OPA828

Re: OPA828  DATASHEET (SBOS671B-September 2018 - Revised December 2018

The datasheet shows the device as RRO (Rail to Rail Output). The electrical characteristics table (page 7) shows the output voltage swing for RL=10k as 0.9V typ 1.2V max. 

The output swing for RL = 600 ohms is given as 1.2V typ. The supply voltage is shown as +/- 15V. Obviously, since these numbers are very small compared to the

actual supply rail voltages, I interpret these to mean that the output will typically swing to within 0.9V of the rail for RL=10k, or 1.2V of the rail voltage for RL = 600 ohm. 

The problem is, this disagrees with datasheet figures 16 and 17 (page 11). These figures indicate that even for 0 ma load, the output will only swing between +/- 13V with

+/- 15V rail voltages. This is 2.0 volts from the rail and certainly not RRO, and this disagrees with the electrical characteristics table output swing values.

Is this an error, or am I interpreting something wrong?

Rick Strauss

  • Hi Rick,

    I see why you are questioning the output swing levels listed in the OPA828 Electrical Characteristics table and the Typical Characteristics curves. I've sent an email to our engineer who has control of our high-voltage op amp datasheets. Let's give him a chance to look into the issue you describe and then one of us can respond.

    Regards, Thomas

    Precision Amplifiers Applications Engineering

  • Hi Richard,

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention. The maximum specs given in the electrical characteristics table are what we test every device for and are guaranteed.

    Regarding curves 16 and 17, this is a know misrepresentation of the device and I am working to update these with figures that better represent the performance under the given conditions. The update should be online in the next few weeks.