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OPA2210: About AD8676 replacement, OPA2210, OPA2192, OPA2191

Part Number: OPA2210
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: OPA196, OPA197, OPA191, OPA192

Dear Ti Community,

I want to replace a force and sense buffer as well as the output buffer of a 18 bit DAC. In the past, we are using AD8676, which has better dc accuracy but with a small SR.We are considering OPA2210 as an alternative, since it is a NEW chip, we would like to know,

1. is there any plan of releasing a single chip version of OPA2210? I found that all the specification of OPA2210 (offset, drift, 1/f noise, noise, SR) is ALL superior to AD8676, should I trust the specifications and replace AD8676 with OPA2210?

2. I found that OPA192 is a e-trim version of OPA197, OPA191 is a e-trim version of OPA196, right? The etrimed one has better performance, and is there any caution in using e-trimed amplifier?


  • Hello Byliu,

    You found the right device with the OPA2210 against the AD8676.  The OPA2210 has a wider supply range (4.5V to  < 36V), Wider GBW (18MHz) and SR (6.4V/µs), lowe offset voltage (5µV) and drift (0.1µV/°C), lower noise (2.2nV/rtHz @ 1kHz), lower IQ (2.2mA/CH) and higher drive current (65mA).  In addition, it is pin-to-pin with the AD8676, the dual channel version.  You can trust the specifications in our datasheet as all Max values indicate that the parameter is tested and verified for every device we ship!  

    The AD8676 is a dual channel device so the OPA2210 is a perfect match.  Do you have an alternate design for your devices?  In many cases, as the market demands we will release single, dual and quad versions of our precision Op Amps.  However, we have not yet released a single version of this device.  How is this device being used in your system?  The application is necessary to pick the best Op Amp with the specs that matter the most to performance in your system.  

    The  OPA192, OPA197, OPA191 and OPA196 are all e-trim version devices.  However, the OPA192 and OPA191 have a higher level of trim on them.  Check out our tech note for a description:  Offset Correction Methods: Laser Trim, e-Trim™, and Chopper

  • I am using AD8676/AD8675 (single opamp version of AD8676) for doubling/inverting reference voltages, buffering for Force and Sense pins of 18/20 bit DACs, and buffering the output of this DAC. We would like a TI alternate to this typical ADI chips, that may also have superior dc, noise, SR performances. If single opamp is not available now, we could also use a dual version of OPA2210, where an additional non-inverting buffering stage would be added.

    Thanks for your reply.