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LMV611: About LMV611 CMVR

Part Number: LMV611

hi dear supporting team,

how about the CMVR of LMV611 at TA=95degree and TA=100degree?  customer is using it as a comparator, Vin+=0.8mV, Vin- =8mV,  the output should be low voltage, while at TA=95degree, they find the output will be high voltage.  is it normal for such amp? 

in d/s, when it mentioned CMVR of V- +0.2V and V+ -0.2V for 125degree, it also mentioned for CMRR>50dB.  if do not care about CMRR, what's the CMVR range for normal operation at 95degree and 100degree? tks a lot!

  • Hello Vera,

    This amplifier has a stronger common mode range vs temperature than most op amps. The 0.2V from rail at 125C is at least 50dB, however as the voltage gets closer to power rail the CMRR drops to zero (negative infinity dB)

    There is no spec for 95C and 100C; you could interpolate the spec at 85C & 125C which is 200mV change, so that is 5mV/C ; 95C = 50mV , 100C = 55mV. However the effect may not be linear, so it is best just to use the 200mV from the 125C specification.