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OP07C: Circuit for Shunt Resistor Current Sense amplifier with 1 or 2 Gain

Part Number: OP07C
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: OP07, , TLV2186

I need a Circuit for AC Shunt Resistor Current Sense Differential amplifier with 1 or 2 Gain. A shunt resistor 3E is connected in the Neutral line for current measurement.I having doubts related to the Neutral and AGND connection. Can you please help with a differential to single-ended Amplifier with OP07. The output will be connected to the uC ADC input. The output of the attached circuit I need give it to OP07. Can I give directly ? Shunt Used is 3E

  • Hello Jayakrishnan,

    Op amps are commonly applied in current shunt monitor applications. The OP07C is a legacy op amp and other than low voltage offset for the time it was developed its other parameters are at general purpose levels. In particular, the Common-mode voltage range (VCM) is more limited than is the case for many of the more modern op amps and you certainly may want to make sure the OP07C will have enough VCM range for your application.

    It isn't clear from the information you provided if you plan to do high-side, or low side-current monitoring. Therefore, I am going to point you to two different resources about current monitoring with an op amp. Note that if you search you will many other resources regarding current monitoring including:

    Here is very recently developed information for high-side current shunt monitoring using the new TLV2186 op amp:

    See Section 8.2 Typical Applications, 8.2.1 High-Side Current Sensing.

    For some basic information on low-side current shunt monitoring:

    I think with the information available from the various links I have provided you should be able to design a current shunt monitor amplifier circuit that meets your application needs.

    Regards, Thomas

    Precision Amplifiers Applications Engineering