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[FAQ] How Power on Reset Comparators Simplify Designs

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Power on Reset is a feature that defines the comparator output during start-up transitions, guaranteeing the output state.  TI includes this feature on all new releases.

  • Undefined output conditions when a power supply is ramping up to the recommended operating voltage can result in undesirable circuit results. TI’s comparators with integrated Power-on-Reset (POR) circuits solve this problem by controlling the output when a supply is ramping up or down. When the supply voltage is greater than, or equal to, the minimum recommended operating voltage, the comparator output reflects the state of the input (IN).

    Having a known output state is useful for understanding startup conditions. The startup conditions of the comparator may impact the downstream signal chain. For a high-impedance output, a weak resistor may be used to tie the output to ground or to the supply voltage.

    For Push Pull, comparator output held low when Vsupply is less than the minimum recommended operating voltage. For Open Drain, comparator output is high-impedance when Vsupply is less than the minimum recommended operating voltage. Always remember to check the datasheet to see the comparator's specific behavior. The product families with Power-on-Reset include, but are not limited to, TLV70xx, TLV40x1, TLV1805, and TLV18xx.

    Some of our comparators with POR feature

    TLV7011, TLV7012, TLV7021, TLV7022

    TLV7031, TLV7032, TLV7034, TLV7041, TLV7042, TLV7044

    TLV7031-Q1, TLV7032-Q1, TLV7034-Q1, TLV7041-Q1, TLV7042-Q1, TLV7044-Q1

     TLV4021, TLV4031, TLV4041, TLV4051

    TLV9022, TLV9024, TLV9032, TLV9034

    TLV9022-Q1, TLV9024-Q1, TLV9032-Q1, TLV9034-Q1



    TLV1811, TLV1812, TLV1814, TLV1821, TLV1822, TLV1824

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    TLV1851-Q1, TLV1852-Q1, TLV1854-Q1, TLV1861-Q1, TLV1862-Q1, TLV1864-Q1