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INA253-Q1: Can i use INA253-Q1 ic for my specification?

Part Number: INA253-Q1
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: INA253, INA240

In my application i am using 24V and 80mA solenoids and 6V and 1.8A solenoid .so can we use INA253-Q1 IC?if no, then can u suggest any IC which have integrated shunt or external shunt..

  • Shishod,

    Thanks for using E2E! The answer here, in my opinion, is yes and no. I don't think an internal shunt device will work for the 24V solenoid due to the small amount of current it requires. You may get decent results for the 6V solenoid, however.

    My reasoning for the above statement is due to the current that each device is passing, and the value of the pre-populated resistor inside the package. The voltage for each of these devices is fine for the INA253 (it can handle common mode voltages up to 80V, and down to -4V), but current signals of this magnitude are not going to generate much output voltage with the internal shunt of the INA253 (2mΩ). In addition, when measuring signals of this magnitude, the proportion of offset error and bias currents are going to dominate the measurement in terms of error, and potentially make the measurement worthless. This is typically handled by utilizing more of the full scale range of the device, which is done by choosing a larger shunt resistance for the top end of the range, which of course cannot be done with an internal shunt device. 

    If the actuation signal of the first solenoid is 80mA, then the shunt would measure (80mA*2mΩ) = 160uV at the inputs, which when combined with the offset of the device, gives us the following error curve (I allowed some current for the off state to make the graph easier to read):

    The 6V solenoid is a different story though, as 1.8A generates enough of a signal that the offset is no longer dominanting the measurement:

    If you want to try and pull this measurement in the for the 24V solenoid, I would recommend looking at the INA240, which the INA253 is based on, but allows for an external shunt to better fit the system.