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TLV27L1: input pins abs max rating versus input common mode voltage.

Part Number: TLV27L1


TLV27L1 datasheet states:

Abs. max rating of input voltage is Vs (Note 1 says "relative to GND pin").  is this referring to the max positive voltage allowed on the input pin?

What is the abs. max rating for the negative voltage allowed on the input pin?

Note that input common mode voltage operating condition is -0.2V.  So, one would imagine that abs. max. negative voltage on input pin (relative to GND pin, or the negative supply connection) would be more negative than -0.2V.

Can TI please clarify this?

Kind regards,

Nitish Agrawal

  • Hello Nitish,

    Yes, -0.2V is allowed per the other tables. There is no stated maximum negative. There is an internal "diode" that will conduct current for larger negative voltages. -1mA of current is safe (not damaging to the op amp itself) for almost all op amps as a general rule. The output voltage may or may not be correct because the input voltage is outside the valid common mode range.

    I will end by saying "There is no stated maximum negative"