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TRF37D73EVM: About

Part Number: TRF37D73EVM
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: TRF37D73, TRF37C75


Customers use the TRF37D73EVM to evaluate Gain.

Target Gain is 20dB or higher.
However, the actual measurement result is 16dB.

Customers are considering increasing Gain by changing 1000pF of C1 and C2.

1.   How should customer decide the capacity when changing C1 and C2?
      Could you tell me the calculation formula and the determination method?

2.   Could you tell me the measurement method, equipment, and conditions for which the data sheet Gain specifications have been obtained.
    If you like, Please tell me the measurement environment diagram.

Best regards,

  • Hello Yusuke, 

    • C1 & C2 are used as DC blocking capacitors in this case & should have minimal effect on the high frequency range performance of the device. Are you measuring gain at a lower frequency range (below around 50MHZ)? 
    • If measuring at lower frequencies you can refer to the following design guide for adjustment recommendations of your Inductor & capacitor values 


    Hasan Babiker

  • Hi Hasan,

    Thank you for your kind response.
    Gain characteristics improved by your advice.

    However, there are additional issues.
    Customers are considering TRF37D73 as an alternative to MGA62563.
    From the evaluation result, the following specifications are inferior to MGA62563.

    1.High spurious values due to 2nd and 3rd harmonics.
           (Noisy compared to MGA62563.)

    2.The higher the output, the lower the Gain.
      (OP1dB is lower than MGA62563 spec.)

    Is there a way to improve problems 1 and 2?
    Could you give me some advice on how to tune EVM?

    Best regards,

  • Hello Yusuke,

    Not much can be done in the way of changing the specifications of the device outside of tuning the frequency range further. If the customer is willing to lower the maximum gain, they can use the TRF37C75 which has slightly which has slightly better OPA1dB spec than the MGA62563.


    Hasan Babiker