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OPA348: Time - Controlled Switch Question

Part Number: OPA348
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: LM555

Hello, everyone.

I built a Voltage-Controlled Oscilator (VCO) using TINA and I'm trying to get a periodic waveform (square) as the output signal. I'm having issues with the time-controlled switch as I'm not able to hear anything with the Transient option in Analysis. However, TINA does plot a square wave (see Figure), but it does not generate any sound.

Any help will be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

  • Hey Camilo,

    Your figures did not post, could you try reuploading them using the insert picture tool? Additionally, I went through this video tutorial (area of interest is around 5 minutes in). Make sure you are selecting your waveform on the plot that you would like to play before pressing the play button.


  • Thanks for letting me know, Jerry. These are the figures.

    First, you'll see my schematic and then the graph. I made sure the waveform was selected, but still get no sound. I also inserted the simulation file in case you want to check it out.

    Thanks again.

    Simulation File:


  • Camilo,

    So what's happening here is that you aren't actually seeing a square wave. You're looking at the power-on time for your circuit, which is more a unit impulse than a square wave. The circuit is not oscillating at all, so playing the waveform will not result in sound being played. Please review your circuit, make sure your output is oscillating with no load. 

    Also, this question is not for the OPA348, but for a 555 timer (LM555). Please make sure you are labeling your threads appropriately.