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INA290: SPICE Model not working

Part Number: INA290

Dear people of TI,

(1)      I am having problems with the INA290 spice models. I loaded the both the INA290A1 and INA290A2 into LTspice and did some simulations. However, whatever I do, I only get a couple of hundreds of micro volts on the output. The same problem occurs with the A2 part. I thought maybe LTspice was the problem so I tried it in TINA TI as well..... exactly the same issue. See attachment for the circuit. I don't know if I am doing something wrong or not but I suspect a problem with the model because I have used external models with spice before. By the way, I have the INA290 EVM boards and built up the exact same circuit, and IRL it works how it should be. But I want to do some more sophisticated simulations beforehand.


(2)      Since I'm here I might as well ask. I am trying amplify a differential voltage from 5uV to 100mV. Just trying to see if I can amplifiy that low voltage signal to drive an ADC. I know the INA290 has an offset of 25uV but I am still going to give it a go. If you maybe have other suggestions for a low noise amplifier which can amplify down in the microvolts please let me know, I have searched the whole internet maybe you can help me. Ideally I also need a common mode voltage range of at least +30V.

Kind regards,