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LMV931-N: EOS on VIN and V+ pins

Part Number: LMV931-N

Hi teams,

Could you tell me what will happen if EOS is applied to VIN pin? Will VIN be open, or shorted to GND, or shorted to V+? 

And how about V+ pin if EOS is applied to it? In these conditions, what will VOUT be? 



  • Hi Zeming,

    the meaning of the word "electrical overstress" is that applying EOS will destroy the chip. So you should have a protection circuit limiting the EOS to a safe level.

    What EOS are we talking about?


  • Hello Zeming,

    In general (most op amps) , Input pin EOS will create a short. Usually a short to ground, but can often be short to V+. If this new short is overstressed then that can create an open.

    EOS to V+ , output could be anything, but probably not normal. V+ could be short or a short then open.

    Note: short doesn't mean zero. It could be a few ohms to hundreds of ohms (or more)

  • Hi Kai and Ron,

    Thanks a lot for your explanation.

    My customer is assuming some error conditions in order to prevent system failure, so he wants to know what will happen if the opamp is broken down.

    And 2 additional questions:

    1. If V+ is damaged by EOS, what will VIN be? Is it possible that V+ shorted to VIN?

    2. How about multichannel opamps if VIN or V+ is damaged by EOS? Will other opamps be influenced if one channel is damaged?



  • Zeming,

    1) It is unlikely that VIN will be affected unless V+ damage is extreme.

    2) VIN damage for one channel rarely affects other channel. V+ can affect all channels