TPA3110D2: TPA3110D2 output issue

Part Number: TPA3110D2

Dear Sir

We used TPA3110D2 in our new project , in test schedule it had some issue happend.

The sound from the loudspeaker has the noise "pop...pop". The TPA311D2 output  connect to the loudspeaker .

We test the wave of   TPA311D2 output  as the attachment.

BTW, as the attachment has the SCH and the layout.

Could you please help to give me some advice to solve this issue?

Many thanks!


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  • Hi Bin,
    When the issue occur(pop noise), is there any fault on the device(measure the voltage on the FAULT pin). If a FAULT exists, it could be DC, OC or OT fault. Please find more info about it in section 9.3.7~9 in the datasheet.
    In this application, PVCC=12V, how much is the load resistance? Does the issue occur only when the output power is high or does it occurs even when the output power is very low? What is the input signal(frequency, amplitude, from DAC/Codec...)? Does the issue occur ony during power-up? What if the input LINN/LINP/RINN/RINP pins are connected to GND through 1uF capacitors?
    I reviewed your SCH but didn't find obvious issue. Please add two 100uF capacitors for PVCC decoupling. And if LC output filter is used, the ferrite bead + 1nF capacitors are not necessary in the output filter.
    Best regards,
    Shawn Zheng