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PurePath Console don´t list Apps

Hello Support,

I bought a TAS5721EVM Rev A,
one PurePath Console Mother board ATP006G
Download all software Console V3.1.1 Build 247
TAS5721EVM DC voltage is 12:0 V,  5V, 3.3V green LED On, Yellow LED On

I can connect via I2C generic Master to the PurePath board

All I see is a generic I2C Master App. Sign in runs successfully, double check name and Password by using the same for std. TI.com Login.

What´s happen?

  • Dear TI-Support,

    Sorry for my bad english.

    I found a similar issue related to the PurePath Console in this forum. The solution was to load a special softwarepart for the evm Board.

    For my EVM board TSA5721 no extrenal Softwar seemed to be accessible.

    I need your assistence to bring the Evaulation system up and running please!

    I request the PurePath software which was granted. After that I download the Software and install all products ( including Thrid party parts ). Now, If I check the access to the PurePath console Softwae using my accoutn I have to request these software again. Using the link TI send vi mail, the access to the software is granted.

    So there might be a simple issue concerning access to the application using my account. I tried this several times but I never get a list of Apps.

    PLEASE be so kind and help me!

    Thanks a lot

  • In reply to Karsten Kankowski:

    Hi Karsten,

    I think you are using Purepath Console 3 software, right? Please download and install Purepath Console 1.16 on your PC. Please find more info about the software setup in this document.

    TAS5721 EVM setup.pptx

    Best regards,

    Shawn Zheng

  • In reply to Shawn Zheng:

    Hi Karsten,
    Please also find more info in the TAS5721 EVM user's guide.
    Best regards,
    Shawn Zheng