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LM358: Input impedance rate

Part Number: LM358


One of my customer from university is using LM358P in his amplifier circuit. 

The circuit is working fine but there is some information that he could not find in the datasheet. The information is regarding the rate of input impedance of the amplifier. He needs the information to support his circuit design (the allowance of using Rf value) and also to include in the technical report to strengthen the result.


Could you please help to provide the data with some documentation to show the value of the input impedance rate of the chip?

Thank  you!

Best regards,

Chee Tat TAN

  • Chee,

    I have never seen 'rate' used with 'input impedance' before.
    The input is a current source called IIB in the data sheet and a few picofarads of capacitance.

    Ronald Michallick
    Linear Applications

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