OPA541: Part being damaged.

Part Number: OPA541

I use an OPA541 in a design, and it keeps getting damaged. I"m running it with a single ended supply, and after it's damaged either the output or the current sense pin are low impedance to +Vs or -Vs.

On a FET spec, the SOA  graph usually has a time associated with the curves. The OPA541 only has one curve. Does this mean it's a hard limit, and should never be exceeded, or can it be exceeded with a low duty cycle?

I'd like to have a way to send you schematics and more detail in private.

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  • Hi hwswdesign,
    My guess is that the SOA curve represents a hard limit, beyond which damage to the output devices may occur, but I'll double check that that's the case. You can send schematics to a.davis@ti.com.


    Alex Davis

    Precision Amplifier Applications - TI Tucson

  • In reply to Alexander Davis:

    Thanks for looking into this.

    The datasheet also mentions a 125W internal power dissipation maximum. While I understand that operation at that level will affect MTTF, I am interested in the max power I can dissipate for a short period of time. Say I had a 400 uS on time out of 1 second (0.04 % duty cycle), I'm curious what the max power dissipation during that 400 uS could be.