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LM393: TINA Simulation of device allows for input value higher than specified input common mode voltage range

Part Number: LM393


I have a customer who asked:

Common mode for either input should not exceed V+-1.5V.

We came across a state in our circuits, that one of the input may cross this threshold of V+-1.5V.

Can TI guarantee that the comparator will still work properly in this condition (one of the input voltages is above the requirement of V+-1.5V)?

I looked in the data sheet and it also specifies that the input voltage also follows this rule of V+-1.5V. 

Can you provide help please?


  • Hello Louie,

    TI will not "guarantee" any functionality that that exceeds a specified datasheet limit. We can offer guidance and expected behavior, but a proper design should not exceed the datasheet specifications.

    However, in section of the apps section, it does mention the expected behavior should *one* of the inputs exceed the common mode limit. Basically, as long as ONE of the inputs is within the limits, the output is expected to be correct (but not guaranteed).


    Paul Grohe

    Low Power Amplifiers and Comparators (LPAC) Applications