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LM2903: LM2903 unused channel

Part Number: LM2903

Hi Team,

My customer's product is going to mass production; there has an unused LM2903 channel on the board. they left the inverting-input, non-inverting input & output pins open.

I referred to this E2E answer, but didn't find the situation above.

So It's OK to left all the pins of the unused channel open? what will be the risk?


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  • Hi Yang,

    while the output need not to be connected to anything, it's not wise to leave the input pins unconnected.

    Ron wrote:

    "Connect one input to GND/VCC- pin through series resistance and the other to VCC thorugh a series resistance. This gives a known and stable output that is not used."

    I think this method can be used in your application. Use a 10k resistor for each connection.

  • In reply to kai klaas69:

    Hi Kai,

    Thanks for your reply. that's also my solution. while the problem is that customer can't modify it because it's going to mass production...

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