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INA231: connection for IN+/IN- and SMBUS/I2C interface support

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Part Number: INA231

Hello expert,

Customer is asking two questions on INA231. They would like to know if they can connect VBUS to IN- since pintout is close together. And also, they would like to know if INA231 could support both SMBUS and I2C interface. Thanks a lot!

Best regards,

Ann Lien

  • Hi Ann,

    VBUS and IN- can be tied together, what is lost in doing so is the voltage drop across the shunt.

    However since the shunt voltage is on the order of mV, the impact on Bus voltage and power is often negligible. But it is customer’s call whether such impact is OK.

    Yes the interface supports SMBUS as well as I2C.

    Regards, Guang

  • In reply to Guang Zhou:

    Thanks, Guang! Will let customer know!

    Best regards,

    Ann Lien