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XTR111: XTR111 run a long time have offset

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Part Number: XTR111

Hi Sir:

     I use the xtr111 change the V single to C single. But I find that. if have no load. the output normally.  but if it be connected to 100Ohm load. Run a long time We find the output have a offset 0.2mA and It has nothing to do with the output current  it means output i=4ma the offset is 0.2mA , output i=20mA the offset is also 0.2mA .Why.

  • Hi Lei,

    Thank you for your post. Please take a look at the section labeled "DYNAMIC PERFORMANCE" on page 15 of the datasheet. The delay scales with the load resistor value. This can be minimized with an additional filter as shown in figure 41.


  • In reply to Tamara M Alani:

    What is the recommended load range?

  • In reply to Lei wang:

    Hi Lei,

    The datasheet doesn't have a recommended load range specified. The datasheet specs most parameters at Rload = 5k as shown in the "ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS" table.