PGA309: Multi-cal for the PGA309

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Part Number: PGA309

I am trying to use the multi-cal 309 system with my PGA 309 PCB design.  I am using it as a "3 wire" connection with the one wire connection.  I keep getting a communication error. I think I read the eeprom, although it does seem to be a default value.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

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  • Hi Steve,

    Is it possible to get an schematic of the custom PGA309 board used on your set up?

    I will experiment with your hardware settings on the PGA309 multi-cal EVM.

    Thank you and Best Regards,


  • In reply to Steven Pennington:

    Hi Steven,

    I will get a hold of the multical system, and expect to get back to you later this week.

    Thank you,

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  • In reply to Luis Chioye:

    Hi Steven,

    I went ahead and set up the PGA309 Multi-Cal system with the PGA309EVM Test PCB on the 3-wire configuration.

    On the PGA309EVM Test PCB board, I connected together the PGA309 Vout and PRG through the 'V2PRG' jumper as shown on the image below, with the device set up on the 3-wire configuration.  The PGA309 Vout and PRG need to connect together, and then they both need to connect to the Multi-Cal-Interface connector Jx pin 1 (One-Wire connection) and Jx pin 5 (Vout connection) on the Multi-Cal-Interface board. 

    I am not able to reproduce a communication issue, unless I purposely do not connect Multi-Cal-Interface board connector Jx pin 1 to Vout+PRG.

    Can you please let me know how are you connecting your custom PGA309 test board to the Multi-Cal-Interface board?  For reference, please find attached the pdf schematic of the PGA309EVM test board, and also please see below an image of the jumper settings removing the XTR111; and configuring the PGA309 on the 3-wire configuration on the test board.

    Many Thanks,

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    PGA309EVM_Test_PCB (muti-cal) schematic:

    PGA309EVM_TEST_PCB Schematic.pdf