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LMH5401: High Frequency Single Ended Output

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Part Number: LMH5401


I am trying to use 6GHz of the LMH5401's 8GHz bandwidth. We would like to DC couple the output from a TI DAC that has an internal balun.

This would be a SE input, SE output application.

It seems that it is possible to use the LMH5401 as a SE output, but that might compromise the high frequency performance we will be needing. (from this blog)

Is the LMH5401 still our best device for this? Or is there a different amp you can recommend?

Thank you!

Ryan B.

  • Hi Ryan, 

    In terms of speed, the LMH5401 is the highest bandwidth DC amplifier that we have, but you may run into a couple of issues here. As you've already noted, the performance drops when using a single ended output, but also the LMH5401's large signal response is only 4.4 GHz so depending on how large of a signal you are trying to send it might not hit 6 GHz. 


    Jacob Freet 
    High Speed Amplifiers

  • In reply to Jacob Freet:

    Hi Jacob,

    Thanks, that answers my question.

    A quick follow up though: Is there any other TI solution that could help here? Is this something that can be done with without semiconductors (passives, balun, etc?).

    Thanks again,
    Ryan B.

  • In reply to Ryan.Bishop:

    If the DAC has an internal balun, why do you want to DC couple. If AC coupled RF amplifiers are ok, you have lots of choices. 

    Michael Steffes