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LM139AQML-SP: Input Bias Current and Input Offset Voltage, Current Measurement

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Part Number: LM139AQML-SP


Is it possible to request for the test circuit and procedure for the measurement of Input Bias Current and Input Offset Voltage, Current for this device?
We checked the datasheet of LM139/-SP/-MIL and there seems to be no available test spec.

Thank you!

  • Let me see if I can locate this information in the absence of the applications engineer supporting this device who returns to the office Friday.



  • Hello Elisha,

    A good resource for how testing is done on mature mil/aero products is the slash sheet.   Here is the link to the slash sheet for the LM139:


    The test method will be the same.  For some products the conditions such as supply voltage may be altered based on the conditions shown in the datasheet or SMD.