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LM2904B: LM2904BIDR Preview Status and time for available in Active Status

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Part Number: LM2904B

Dear Sir,

We  want to Use LM2904BIDR IC in one of our development but datasheet of IC shows LM2904BIDR in Preview status not in active status.

My concern is that when will this part available in Active Production so we can decide whether use this part or not in our new development.?


Chetan Patel

  • Hi Chetan,

    This device will RTM by Q2 2020. If you're interested in using this device, I can get you in contact with our Marketing team. They will be able to provide you an accurate date depending on volume.

    Best Regards,

    Bala Ravi

  • In reply to Bala Ravi:

    Hello Chentan,

    Before the end of the year. Bala's answer has a typo, Q42020, not Q2.

    Ronald Michallick
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