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LM139: IBIS Model

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Part Number: LM139

Hi Team, can you help us confirm if the IBIS Model of this device is available?

Thank you.

  • Mark,

    We generally do not provide IBIS models for Linear devices, particularity op-amps.

    SPICE models are much more popular/versatile for these devices. The biggest problem is that these devices can be used under wide I/O conditions - not just 3.3V logic. So the models get very complicated.

    We can try to request an IBIS model for the LM139, but we have been rejected in the past by the modeling group for similar requests. And even if they accepted it, it may take weeks.

    I looked around and could not find an existing IBIS model for the LM139 or it's family derivatives, either internally or on the web.

    You can contact me internally - but the chances are pretty low...


    Paul Grohe

    TI Comparators (CMPS) Applications Group