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TL082: TL082 open loop gain and 3dB frequency

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Part Number: TL082

Hi, there.

1. I'd like to ask you information of TL082 open-loop gain and 3dB frequency.

I couldn't find any related figure in the datasheet.

2. I also wonder how I can find the maximum capacitive load, when the data sheep doesn't provide Overshoot vs. Capacitive Load

Thank you in advance!

  • Hi, there.

    I just resolved the issues that I asked on previous page.

    3. My customer asked me the Input capacitance of TL082. It isn't provided on datasheet.

    Thank you in advance for your prompt attention!

  • In reply to MINKYUNG KIM:

    Hi Mikyung,

    data is vavailable for the LF347 and LF351 which might be similar:


  • In reply to MINKYUNG KIM:

    Hello Mikyung,

    It is similar, but input capacitance for the TL082/TL084 is a little higher than the LF347-N or LF353-N (the -N matters here)

    Cp = 5.5pF  (non inverting pin to ground)

    Cn = 7pF  (inverting pin to ground)

    Cd = 4pF (inverting to non-inverting pins) 

    For unity gain capacitance should be less than 200pF, better would be less than 100pF.

    Kai, welcome back! I think it has been a while.

    Ronald Michallick
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