LMH6401EVM: Use single power supply,can't work well.

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Part Number: LMH6401EVM

Use dual power supply, VS+=+2.5V,VS-=-2.5V,under this power supply condition, LMH6401 work normally. But if use single power supply,VS+=5V,VS-=0V,under this power supply condition, LMH6401 can't work well.The output just like PD pin been set to high,and i make sure it set been set to low, i didn't mount the jump on Jpd. 

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  • Hi Johnsen, 

    Just to clarify, the power down pin is being pulled low when you use a single supply? Is that correct? Also, what is the value of your VOCM pin when you use the part with a single 5V supply? 


    Jacob Freet 
    High Speed Amplifiers

  • In reply to Jacob%20Freet:

    Hi Jacob:

    I just left Jpd disconnect. Because I find PD pin has a internal pull down resistor in datasheet. And I left Jpd disconnect when test on dual power condition.

    When I use a single 5V supply, I didn't meansure the value of VOCM, and I didn't supply an extra power for VOCM.