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INA818: Considerations for the input/output filter.

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Part Number: INA818

Hello again!

I am currently designing a circuit in which to adapt the measurement of a gauge to an ADC.
As I have already commented in other threads regarding the use of the INA818, I have considered a satisfactory output but I have not yet included any RC parallel differential or input filters.

1.- For the differential input filter for this specific device and application, I will use the TI tool, Analog Engineer's Calculator -> "INA Vcm + Dif filter"
The help of the tool itself is really good, but I still need to know what frequency range to design.
How do I know which one I should consider?
And how do I make sure that by putting a resistor in series with the Wheatstone bridge connection I am not going to modify the reading?

2.- In the case of the output filter, a parallel RC is normally recommended looking for the stability of the amplifier.
What specific INA818 criteria and data should you take to make it as beneficial as possible?

I have used this documentation as a reference http://www.ti.com/lit/pdf/tidub00 and the great help of this professional forum