LMC6022: Any changes to LMC6022IMX/NOPB, different DC behave differently

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Part Number: LMC6022

Dear Sir/Madam,


We found DC(974R and 02XI) which install at location U7 cannot achieve (slightly lower/marginal) Vout as per customer specification(minimum 2.75V)

The old DC(878V & HLAB) will get higher value (above 2.8 V) as shown in green box. So need to know if there is any changes on this MPN LMC6022IMX/NOPB.

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  • Hello KPK,

    Based on a circuit I have seen, the maximum should be about 3.37V 

    To know what is happening, I need to know the voltages at these test nodes; Pin 5, Pin 6, Pin 7, Potentiometer wiper. 

    Please report this with a suspected bad device and a known good device,

    Ronald Michallick
    Linear Applications

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