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LMV324A: Powering on device when inputs are already polarized

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Part Number: LMV324A


I want to use LMV324A to bufferize differents inputs voltages (battery, etc.) before sending it to MCU ADC. So when battery will be plugged in for example, inputs will be polarized before VCC rises to stable level from the low voltage regulator. The op amp inputs will be protected by the resistance of the divider network of each voltage rail to measure (Iin approx some tens of µA), but is there any risk to induce a latch-up-like condition when VCC will rise ?



  • Hello Aurelien,

    The some tens of µA will flow from input to V+ pin and the V+ bus gets to use this current. I would not expect this current to latch up. 

    Ronald Michallick
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