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INA302-Q1: Bias current Ib at shutdown

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Part Number: INA302-Q1

Hi team,

I plan to use this device to monitor VBAT current of automotive ECU.

In order to minimize system standby current, I plan to stop supplying VS to INA302-Q1 in Standby condition.

If VS=0V and 12V(VBAT) is applied to IN+/IN-, does Ib (input bias current) drawn from VBAT?

Or if VS=0V, IN+/IN- will be in High-Z?

Please advise how much current totally drawn from this device at VS=0V and IN+/IN-=12V.


  • Hello Shinji,

    Based on figure 18 of the datasheet it looks like you may expect around 50uA of current to be sunk into the INA302 for a common mode of 12V.

    Best Regards,

    Patrick Simmons, TI Sensing Products Applications Support

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  • In reply to Patrick Simmons:

    Hi Patrick,

    Does it mean 50uA / input?

    If IN+ and IN- are connected to VBAT(12V), then the total bias current will be 100uA?