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INA226: Conversion ready in Alert pin when operating in continuous mode

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Part Number: INA226

Dear TI,

I am unsuccessful to activate Alert pin conversion ready function in continuous mode of INA226.

I want to use this signal to initiate conversion result readout from the device

Contrary it works fine when in triggered mode.

Is the 'conversion ready' function available only in triggered more?

  • Hello MKrasuski,

    Thank you for using the TI forums.  In the datasheet it says:

    "Although the device can be read at any time, and the data from the last conversion is available, the Conversion Ready Flag bit is provided to help coordinate one-shot or triggered conversions." 

    From this, I believe that the conversion ready function does not work in continuous mode.

    Best Regards,

    Mitch M, TI Sensing Products Applications Support

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