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LMH6628QML-SP: Orderable Device information

Part Number: LMH6628QML-SP

Hi High Reliability team

Can I get orderable Device different item information?

Of course, We have been know to have different Package type and Pins, Package Qty as a below

What is the difference 5962-0254501VPA and 5962F0254501VZA?

We might to have difference radiation(TID, SEE) specific character, Right?

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  • In the suffix, VPA, the "P" indicates CERDIP pakcage and the VZA is in Ceramic SOIC (gullwing).

    The 5962F indicates that the part is qualified to 300 krad, while the 5962- indicatest that there is no TID qualification.

    In reality, for this part, all the space grade products use the same die. However, the CERDIP part might come from a wafer lot that did not get radiation testing and qualification.

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