Growing the TI Launchpad Community

When the original MSP430™ LaunchPad launched in 2010 the TI E2E Community was at 25,000 Community Members. This year on the 5th anniversary of the TI LaunchPad, it has seen over 800,000 LaunchPad Development Kits ship worldwide while the TI E2E Community has grown to over 200,000+ Community Members! The TI Community along with its LaunchPad Community has grown considerably in these past 5 years throughout all the corners of the world. Taking part in this anniversary and celebration in style (and sunglasses) are 4 TI Community Members and LaunchPad Fans spanning 3 different continents (see below).

The TI E2E Community now has 5 Forums where anyone using LaunchPads can search for solutions or ask questions including in the C2000 32-bit Microcontrollers, Hercules™ Safety Microcontrollers, MSP Low-Power Microcontroller, SimpleLink™ WiFi CC31xx/CC32xx and the TM4C Microcontrollers Forums. There are also several Blogs on the E2E Community you can subscribe to and check out to keep up with the latest LaunchPad news and projects at: MSP Low-Power Plays, Launch Your DesignConnecTIng Wirelessly and Think Innovate.

In addition to the TI E2E Community, online LaunchPad Communities have grown around the world including at 43oh (a great Community for anyone new or part of the LaunchPad Community to participate in) from TI Community Member . Past 43oh, you will also want to check out the Blog Embedded Computing from .

Other LaunchPad Community driven efforts like Energia have also risen (a rapid prototyping platform for the TI MCU Launchpads).

TI Community Member and LaunchPad Fan, , hailing from Australia has already amassed a diverse and growing TI LaunchPad Collection and already posted a 20 minute training video on, "Make Every IoT Device Connected: SimpleLink Wi-Fi CC3200." Glenn showcases the MSP432P401R LaunchPad and one with the SimpleLink Wi-Fi CC3100 BoosterPack across the Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge in Sydney, Australia. Of late Glenn has helped organize the Sydney IoE (Internet of Everything) Meetup Group and recently been featured on 43oh. You might also recognize Glenn from his in-depth solution sharing on the SimpleLink™ WiFi CC31xx/CC32xx Forum, for which this effort has led to him being recognized as the TI Wireless Connectivity Community Member of the Month throughout 2015 and a Code Composer Studio Champion and E2E Rising Star for 2014. He currently has 11 TI Community Award wins.

Out of Germany, TI Community Member and LaunchPad Fan  poses with the MSP432P401R LaunchPad. You will recognize Dennis from his MSP432 themed #BrightIdea video and his ongoing in-depth help on the MSP Low-Power Microcontroller Forum. Whether tackling questions here and here, Dennis has also been recognized as an E2E Top Helper, E2E Rising Star and E2E Processors Community Member of the Month. Dennis currently has 5 TI Community Award wins.

From Belgium, TI Community Member and LaunchPad Fan, , holds the new Hercules TMS570LC43x LaunchPad. On the E2E Community you will recognize Jan from his help on the Hercules™ Safety Microcontrollers Forum, several projects posted on Launch Your Designs and especially as the maestro illustrator and other half of the Jan & Martin Project Pick of the Month. Jan has been recognized on the E2E Community as a Top Helper and Rising Star. Jan currently has 2 TI Community Award wins. Past the E2E Community, Jan is a regular Blogger on Element14 and has his own must check out YouTube Channel.

Out of Peru in South America, TI Community Member and LaunchPad Fan, , holds up the new Hercules RM57Lx LaunchPad. Along with , Martin is the other part of the Jan & Martin Project Pick of the Month and a frequent helper on the Hercules™ Safety Microcontrollers Forum. Also like Jan, you can find several of their projects on Launch Your Design. Did I mention that Martin also Blogs on Element14 and has a YouTube Video Channel? If that wasn't enough, Martin also has his own Facebook Community going with ElectronAplica. For his ongoing LaunchPad and TI Community efforts, Martin has been recognized with a Community Highlight and as an E2E Rising Star. Of late Martin has started posting learning content and videos on the new C2000™ Piccolo LaunchPad (as seen here and here).

Be sure to read "Five years of LaunchPad" from . The Amp Hour Electronics Podcast with Trey is a recommended listen on "An Interview with Trey German – Launchpad Laden Lodesman."

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Thanks to , ,  and  for contributing to this Blog post! Thanks as well for being such strong parts of the TI and LaunchPad Community! We also wish to thank all the new, existing and soon to be TI and LaunchPad Community Members from around the world for your support and contributions!