07) Becoming Recognized

The Reward & Recognition Program is a way to recognize each member’s contributions to the TI E2E Community. There are numerous ways in which people can contribute to the community, including: asking and answering questions, verifying answers and rating community content, connecting with fellow engineers and adding new content, among others. Each contribution to the TI E2E Community is rewarded with a designated point value.

Each month we recognize the TI Community!

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Explanation of Levels

  Level Member Points Employee Points
Prodigy Prodigy 1 – 250 1 – 750
Intellectual Intellectual 251 – 1000 751 – 3000
Expert Expert 1001 – 3000 3001 – 9000
Genius Genius 3001 – 6000 9001 – 18000
Mastermind Mastermind 6001 – 10,000 18001 – 49999
Guru Guru 10,000 + 50,000 +


How to Earn Points

The program is very simple. Various activities on the site have points associated with them, and when a community member does that activity he or she will receive that many points. Specifically, here’s the current set of activities and points for each community activity:

Forums Points
Post Amount each forum post/reply will be worth 10
Reply Amount each forum reply will be worth 10
Verified answer Amount a user will receive for having a reply verified as the answer 20
Ratings Amount each rating will be worth for original forum post 5
Favorite (user) friend Amount each user will receive for being selected as a friend 5
New blog post Amount of points a user receives for making a new blog post 10
Blog comment Amount of points a user receives for adding comments to a blog post 10
Wiki comments Amount of points a user receives for adding comments to a wiki article 5



  1. Do I start with any points?
    • As many members have already made valuable contributions to the TI E2E Community, we have ensured that all current point levels will be equally recognized in the new point structure.
  2. What level will I start out at?
    • If you are an existing community member your level will be determined by your current number of points. If you are new member to the TI E2E Community you will start out at the “Prodigy” level.
  3. What do the different levels represent i.e. Prodigy, Expert, Mastermind?
    • The levels within the TI E2E Community are used to represent community participation. Identifying top community contributors will allow users to further validate the information that they are analyzing.
  4. How did you choose the names of the different levels?
    • As we at TI identify engineers by their high level of intellectual power, we wanted to ensure that even new community members are being recognized through their knowledge and expertise.
  5. Will there be rewards distributed for top community members?
    • Yes. The rewards include recognition in our ongoing monthly and annual TI Community Awards.

  6. What is a rating?
    • Ratings are used to indicate the “usefulness” or “likeness” that community members find in a specific forum or blog post.
  7. What is a verified answer?
    • A verified answer is a question that has been determined as “answered” or “resolved”. Verified answers can be selected by any community member. Questions may have multiple verified answers, however no points will be awarded if the original person to ask a question answers their own question.
  8. Won’t some people try to manipulate the system?
    • Yes, and when we determine that is occurring we reserve the right to either deduct points or remove the users account entirely.
  9. Can I lose points?
    • Yes. If one of your posts is marked as a verified answer but later unmarked, you will lose the 20 points.
  10. Will you be expanding the set of activities that points can be earned from?
    • Yes. Over time we expect to expand this list of activities.
  11. Where can I see who are the experts on the site?
    • Visit the Top Contributors Page.
  12. Why are there points for adding a new blog post, when I can’t even add a new blog post?
    • The ability to add new blog posts are permitted to blog owners only. Currently all blog owners are TI employees. However, we do plan to allow members of the TI E2E Community to add their own unique blog posts in the future.