LaunchPad Innovations Labs

LaunchPad Innovation Labs

At the TI University Program, we have noticed a trend where schools are starting up interdisciplinary “Innovation Centers” where students get to come from all around campus to collaborate on making an idea a reality.  We saw this as a great opportunity to help out with our low-cost and easy to use tools in order to see these ideas become reality.

We’ve decided to take our Launchpad to the ultimate proving ground: University workshop areas.  The Launchpad Innovation Lab (LIL) is a project to get the kits into the hands of every student at Universities around the world.  It’s not just for engineers anymore!

The LIL consists of 50 Launchpad kits, 3 eZ430-Chronos Sports Watch Development tools, and 2 Evalbot kits featuring our Stellaris Cortex M3 microcontrollers.  Combine this with a few breadboards, some LCD screens, a few motors, and all the free sample ICs you want from this website, and the possibilities are limitless!

Innovation Labs Contents:


MSP-EXP430G2 LaunchPad Development kits

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eZ430-Chronos-915 Wireless Development Watch

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EVALBOT Stellaris Development Robot

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How do I get a LaunchPad Innovation Lab for my school?

It's easy! All you have to do is visit the TI Microcontroller facebook page, find your school's logo/mascot in the picture album, and vote for your school! If your school isn't in the list, feel free to add a picture of your school's logo to the album. The school logo with the most "Likes" will receive a LaunchPad Innovation Lab, which include the kits mentioned above! Spread the word and vote for your school today!

TI Microcontroller Facebook Page - May the best University win!

Votes will be tallied up on July 31st 11:59pm CST. So get your votes in today!