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Software is a loose reference to what TI offers for development. Generally speaking, software is referencing any programs or applications running on a device external to TI’s hardware development platforms.

The following is organized in a manner to provide a high level introduction into offerings we have for Academics.

Because embedded processing has a complex software tools offering, we will be separating it out from the rest of the software offerings from TI.

These are the top software offerings highlighted by the TI University Program for Academics. TI’s full offering can be better found on the home page and selecting the Tools & Software tab.

Software Tools (excluding all Embedded Processing Development Tools)
Name Product Group OS Cost Download
WEBENCH Designer Tools and EcoSystem Analog/Power All (Internet Based) Free
(with login)

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All TI All (Google Based) FREE
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TI Parametric Search Tool All TI All (Internet Based) FREE
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TI Wireless Software Wireless Various
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Embedded Processing Development Tools
For academics, a variety of options exist for embedded processing development tools. Below are only a few of the options; for a full list of these offerings you may want to visit the page.

Alternatively you may choose to begin a discussion with fellow educators on the Educator Forum.

IDE Compiler Target Platforms Academic Cost Description
Code Composer Studio CCSTUDIO

More info below
Included inside of CCS All Embedded Processing Platforms by TI

MSP430 Stellaris
Hercules C6000
DaVinci Free Options Availible

Academic Liscenses FREE
World-class integrated development environment (IDE) for development and debug of embedded applications using TI microcontrollers, ARM and/or DSP processors
Code Sourcery (G++) or Mentor Graphics GCC, included in the IDE Stellaris
30 Day trial, contact Mentor Graphics for Academic Discount Sourcery CodeBench is a complete development environment based on the open-source GNU Toolchain and Eclipse IDE. Delivers open-source software and open standards for embedded C/C++ development on ARM and other architectures.
IAR Systems IAR Proprietary MSP430
30 day trial or size limited

Contact IAR for Academic Licenses
IAR Embedded Workbench is the world-leading C/C++ compiler and debugger tool suite for applications based on 8-, 16-, and 32-bit MCUs, including MSP430 and TI ARM-based microcontrollers.
KEIL tools by ARM Proprietary Stellaris
Lite Evaluation runs contact ARM The Keil products from ARM support over 700 of the most popular ARM microcontrollers. Keil microcontroller development tools for Cortex™-M devices support every level of developer from the professional applications engineer to the student just learning about embedded software development.
ARM Development Studio 5 Proprietary Sitara 30 Day trial, contact ARM for details ARM DS-5™ features ARM Compiler, OS-aware debugger, system-wide performance analyzer and real-time system simulator. DS-5 is an integrated development environment that assists engineers in delivering optimized and robust software for ARM processors.
MikroElectronika MikroE C
Mikro Basic
Mikro Pascal
Stellaris Free Trial Version

Life time updates
250-300 USD
mikroC PRO for ARM® is a full-featured ANSI C compiler for ARM® Cortex-M3™ and Cortex-M4™ devices. It is the best solution for developing code for ARM devices. It features intuitive IDE, powerful compiler with advanced SSA optimizations, lots of hardware and software libraries, and additional tools that will help you in your work. Compiler comes with comprehensive Help file and lots of ready-to-use examples designed to get you started in no time. Compiler license includes free upgrades and a product lifetime tech support, so you can rely on our help.
Source Forge MSPGCC MSP430
Open Sourced The mspgcc tool chain provides a variety of open source tools and software to make a complete development environment for the TI MSP430 user.
Energia MSPGCC


*Open Sourced Limited to supported platforms on

Code Composer Studio
Code Composer Studio is the primary offering for the TI University Program for embedded processing. For more information about Code Composer Studio for academics including licensing, distribution and capabilities please visit the Code Composer Studio for academics page.

There are many options within Code Composer Studio that can have been developed to provide targeted functionalities to make development easier.

These are organized in the below table:

  Operating System Framework Language Editor GUI tools Resources Libraries RTOS Advisors Compiler Assembler Linker Emulation Debug Simulation Flash Hardware Interfaces  
For Code Composer Studio Development Environment Program Generation Tools Code Generation Support Tools Code Generation Tools Code Evaluation Tools Programmers Application Specific
  Real Time Debug    
MSP430 GCC *Processing Grace MSP430Ware Code Examples MSP430 BSL ULP Advisor MSP Debug Stack MSP430 Flasher USB Developer’s RF Tools for MSP430 Graphics Library
Stellaris GCC Peripheral Driver Library (ROM coded) StellarisWare Stellaris-In System Boot Loader   LMFlashProgrammer Graphics Library
IQ Math Library
USB Library
Graphics Library
  Operating System Framework Language Editor GUI tools Resources Libraries RTOS Advisors Compiler Assembler Linker Emulation Debug Simulation Flash Hardware Interfaces  
C2000 Mathworks SimuLink Control Suite   PLCSuite Software
CAN Solutions
ALL DSP   StarterWare
SysBios- DSPBios
Run Time Libraries   Linux
C5000   Driver Developer Kit Codec        
C6000   Various SDK's XPressDSP
PC, Linux
Grace -MSP430Ware
-Code Examples
ULP Advisor
MSP Debug Stack MSP430 Flasher USB Developer's
RF Tools for MSP430

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