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Project Repository
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ControlEasy MSP430 v1.0

Project Description The project involves design & development of a Graphic User Interface for easy...
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by 9028
(1 Rating)
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TI IC North America: Battery Interface Module, Ohio State University

Battery Interface Module University: Ohio State University Team Members: Aaron Bonnell...
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by 7088
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TIIC2015 - Hercules Autopilot

University: University of Florida Team Members: Jordan Street Faculty Advisor: Fred Taylor TI Parts...
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by 5647
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TIIC2015 – Real-time American Sign Language Recognition Using Wrist-worn Inertial and Surface EMG Sensors

University: University of Texas at Dallas Team Members: Jian Wu, Zhongjun Tian, Lu Sun TI Parts Used...
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by 5607
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TIIC2015- 7Deadly Synths, a non contact synthesizer

University: University of Florida Team Members: Sean Lyons, Troy Bryant TI Parts Used: 1x ...
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by 5351
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