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Project Repository
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TI IC Design Contest North America: Universal Interface Cube, University of Florida

University: University of Florida Team Members: Daniel Collotte, Kevin Runda TI Parts Used: LMZ10500SHE...
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TI IC North America: Motion Path Analysis Tool for Cerebral Palsy Patients - Rice University

University: Rice University Team Members: Team DeXcellence (Shaurya Agarwal, Sonia Garcia, Allison Garza...
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TIIC2015- Power Blade

University: University of Michigan Team Members: Sam DeBruin, Branden Ghena, Prabal Dutta, TI Parts Used...
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by 3781
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MIT Very Large LED Array (VLLA)

University: Massachusetts Institute of Technology Team Members: Benjamin Shaya, Charles Franklin, Diony...
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Solar Car - Universidad Simon Bolivar

University: Universidad Simon Bolivar Team Members: Guillermo Villegas, Juan Carlos Romero, Carlos Osorio...
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