Sound Flinger - Musical Instrument Using Beagleboard

University: Stanford University
Team Members: Chris Carlson, Hunter McCurry, Eli Marschner
Advisors: Wendy Ju, Edgar Bergdahl
Music 250a Final Performances Fall 2010
TI Parts Used: 

  • BeagleBoard Classic

Project Description

In recent years, technologies for synthesizing, processing and controlling sound, as well as those for embedded computing, sensing and inter-device communication have become independently mature. This course explores how we can physically interact with electronic sounds in real time. A series of exercises introduces sensors, circuits, microcontrollers, communication and sound synthesis. We discuss critically what the merging of these technologies means for music and art. Along with new technologies, what new music practices or art forms may emerge?

In the broader sense, this course deals with interaction design: What happens when human behaviours meet those of machines? How do the devices we use determine the style of interaction? How do we design for the limitations of human performance and the affordances of machines. 

Music 250a is a course using Beagleboard, BeagleboardXM and Beaglebone as a low power computing platform to build on top these amazing instruments by design students. For more information on the open source hardware, open source software project go to 

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