TI IC North America: Battery Interface Module, Ohio State University

 Battery Interface Module


University: Ohio State University
Team Members: Aaron Bonnell-Kangas
TI Parts Used:

  • BQ76PL536A
  • TMS320F28035
  • SN65HVD230
  • LMR14206
  • ISO7241CDW
  • SN74AHC1G86
  • SN74LVC1G07

Project Description

The Battery Interface Module is a 36-cell-capable lithium-ion battery monitoring circuit, designed to be installed on RW-2x, the second electric road racing motorcycle designed by Buckeye Current.

Buckeye Current is a student project team at the Ohio State University Center for Automotive Research, organized to design, build, and race electric motorcycles on road courses. The team’s first motorcycle, RW-1, holds the collegiate electric motorcycle speed record at 144 mph. The second vehicle, RW-2, took third place in the prestigious Isle of Man TT Zero in 2013, and its successor, RW-2x, is due to compete at the 2014 TT Zero in June 2014.

Beginning with RW-2, the team has developed custom battery management hardware and software for their large lithium battery packs. The nominal pack voltage of RW-2 and RW-2x is 462 V, and the pack on RW-2x is 110 series cells, presenting formidable challenges for battery management system (BMS) hardware design.

For a complete description of the project, read the Battery Interface Module report.

Project Report PDF- 3326.battery interface module report.pdf

  • 36-cell lithium battery monitor with integrated measurement control, battery balancing, and CAN communications
  • Measures cell voltages and temperatures
  • 180 V maximum input voltage
  • Integrated onboard battery balancing (~100 mA) controlled by onboard processor
  • CAN TX/RX and control processor isolated from high-voltage circuit
  • Automatic CAN termination
  • Low-voltage side powered by 5-40V DC supply
  • Networkable with other modules to coordinate large pack balancing


Battery Interface Module video


For the latest design files, schematics, and BOM, find the project on GitHub: Battery Interface Module