TIIC2015- Motion Controlled Lamp

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University: John Brown University
Team Members: Josiah Jackson
TI Parts Used:

  • MSP430G2253
  • CSD18502KCS N-Channel
    Power MOSFET

Project Description

This project was a simple system that used motion detection to turn on a DC light. When motion is first detected the system turns on the light, after which the user can turn the light back off or reset the system to start over. More information is included in the project report, the introduction of which is included below.

            This project served as the final project for the embedded systems course and was required to contain multiple aspects of the topics covered in class as well as other courses. The project also included aspects of design, implementation of that design, and presentation or reporting. In short, the designed project functioned as a motion-controlled light switch. Using different components such as a PIR sensor and the MSP430G2553 a 3-stage system was designed to control a simple circuit that powered a light.

  • Motion Detection
  • Simple power system design
  • Can work with a variety of applications



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