TIIC 2016 North America: Dancing Dolls

University: University of Texas at Austin 
Team Members: Laura Strong, Chet Kumar

TI Parts Used:

  • TM4C123
  • OPA2350 
  • LM2937

Project Description

Our project provides added entertainment to music. Two LCDs are used to display digital images of the faces of dancers. A slide pot is used to make the dancers more and more "cool"! The dancers' bodies are made of felt and are attached to a motor. Whenever the microphone pics up music, the dancers begin to dance, providing hours of entertainment!

  • Beautiful crafts
  • Very entertaining
  • User friendly


Our class report and BOM are located in the attached zip file.

User's Guide

Place your phone at the top of the box. When music is recognized, the dolls will begin to dance. Use the slide pot to change the faces of the dancers.