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TI Designs    
TI Designs is a library of system and sub-system solutions, created by TI product and system experts, spanning TI’s broad portfolio of analog, embedded processor and connectivity products. Use this resource to jump start your classroom project design!
  • Extensive reference design library of ~150 TI Designs with more to be added regularly. They are comprehensive, with each including test data, a schematic or block diagram, bill of materials (BOM) and design files. Many also include models, software, code examples, design guides, evaluation modules and more!
  • Support a broad array of applications in markets such as industrial, automotive, consumer, communications and computing.
Visit to search the TI Designs reference design library.

TI makes it easy to adopt our parts and tools into your projects with various training material. Students have the ability to get access to the same training materials that we provide to our customers. With the breadth of our portfolio, TI provides a multitude of training options to meet your needs.
Getting Started Guides
Start Coding
Get application notes, code examples, libraries, codecs, and whatever else you can possibly use that was prepared by TI engineers and our third party developers specifically to help new users rapidly develop new solutions.  We recommend that you first explore the getting started pages linked aboveand then you can also find other, non-TI supported, code at these sites below.
See How It’s Done
Here are some sites where you can find some great information on building, general concepts for Electronic Engineering, finding gadgets, open source hardware and software and where you can talk to experts.

Have questions on how to implement TI into your design? Want to connect with a TI engineer and get direct support? Then the E2E Community is for you. TI’s online E2E (engineer-to-engineer) community allows you to view videos, read blogs or access our Tech Support forums. You’ll see all of our available forums, organized by product line, listed under Support on the top left of the page. Browse the forums to find existing questions asked by other engineers or post your own question. A TI engineer or other forum member will answer most questions in less than a day, and we have over 100,000 posts available for easy searching already.