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TLV320AIC3007: TLV320AIC3007 After turning on the power of the Class-D speaker that causes pop noise

Part Number: TLV320AIC3007


I have a question about pop noise after Class-D speakers on.

If the Class-D speaker is turned on after the wait is set for 3 ms after the WCLK operation is started, pop noise will occur.
However, when the weight is set to 3.75ms, pop noise does not occur.
At this time, the sound sampling frequency used is 8kHz (125us).

What should be the wait time between turning on the WCLK and the Class-D speaker?

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  • Hi Nomu,

    Are the clocks (BLCLK, WCLK, MCLK) supplied to the device when the device is powered up? Can you provide a little more information on the general sequence you are using to configure the device? 

    For example:

    1. Power on the device

    2. Power on ADC/DAC

    3. Unmute ADC/DAC

    4. Power on speaker driver

    Can you provide information on the sequence you are using in the format above?


    Aaron Estrada

  • Hi Aaron,

    Thank you for your reply.

    What should be the wait time between turning on the WCLK and the Class-D speaker?

    Attach the commands and waveforms used for evaluation to:


    //Power on the device
    //Software Reset
    0x00, 0x00;
    0x01, 0x80;
    //Class-D Speaker Initialization 
    0x00, 0x0D;
    0x0D, 0x0D;
    0x08, 0x5C;
    0x08, 0x5D;
    0x08, 0x5C;
    0x00, 0x00;
    //Class-D Speaker setting
    0x03, 0x91;
    0x04, 0x04;
    0x05, 0x00;
    0x06, 0x00;
    0x07, 0x0A;
    0x08, 0x00;
    0x09, 0x38;
    0x0B, 0x01;
    0x25, 0xC0;
    0x29, 0x00;
    0x2B, 0x28; //The left DAC channel is not muted
    0x2C, 0x28; //The right DAC channel is not muted
    0x49, 0x00; //shut down left and right class-D channnel 
    0x52, 0x80;
    0x55, 0x80;
    0x56, 0x09;
    0x59, 0x00;
    0x5C, 0x00;
    0x5D, 0x02;
    0x65, 0x00;
    0x66, 0xA2;
    //I2S signal start
     WaitUs(800); //wait 800usec
    //Class-D Speaker driver on
    0x49, 0x0C;


    Best regards,

  • Hi community,

    I have a additional question.

    After sending the Class-D Speaker on command
    It takes 2.8msec for SPP to turn on,
    Is this the same as the Filter group delay in the datasheet?

     Filter group delay = 17 / Fs[s] =17 / 8[kHz] = 2.125[msec]

    The sample frequency at the time of measurement is 8kHz.

    Best regards,