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TLV320AIC3110: Looking for CODEC. Please suggest any suitable part

Part Number: TLV320AIC3110
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: TLV320AIC3104, TLV320AIC34, TPA0253



We are looking for CODEC with 2 headphones drive + 1 MIC input


Do you have any such solution ?

  • Hello Atharva,

    Most of our stereo CODECs will have a left and right headphone driver and a mic input. Are there any other requirements you need? Right off the bat, I can recommend the TLV320AIC3104. This is a general stereo CODEC with various MIC/LINE inputs, 2 headphone drivers, and 2 lineout drivers. 


    Aaron Estrada

  • Thanks Aaron,

    Apologies for late feedback.

    We are looking at solution with below set of specs

    - 2 headphones (2 left / 2 right) drives.

    - 2 Microphone inputs from above mentioned two headphones.

    Ideally we want MIC data out coming from DAC output in SPDIF format which i can take it as Audio return channel through HDMI cable.

    But can't find such DAC. So eventually I can settle for I2S data out, which gives it to my MCU and MCU does the rest.

    I am still not sure How i can use TLV320AIC3104 for above application.

    I do see 2 MIC input channels. 1 headphone drive. 1 speaker output (which i am hoping i can turn it into headphone drive)

    Can you help me in this aspect ?

  • Hello Atharva,

    I think the best option here is to use the TLV320AIC34. This has two internal CODEC block and I think will fit your requirements of multiple MIC inputs and two stereo headphone outputs. Please have a look and let me know if this device looks like a suitable part. 


    Aaron Estrada

  • Thanks Aaron for your suggestion. But I find TLV320AIC34 chip overkill for my application. 

    So I have decided to stick with TLV320AIC3104.

    Now regarding this chip, I've follow up questions.


    User 1:- 

    HPLCOM / HPRCOM /HPLOUT / HPROUT / MICBIAS / MIC2L/ MIC2R used through one stereo jack completes headphone +Mic drive.

     User 2:-

    LEFT_LOP /LEFT_LOM connecting to TPA0253 TI 1W driver, giving mono audio for left and right headphones. In this case, not using MIC of this headphone.

    Can you once check the configuration and let me know if this can work ?

    Your suggestions are highly appreciated as I'm using the CODEC first time in my designs Slight smile



  • Hi Atharva,

    This looks feasible! I have added an app not on headset detection here. You may not need to use headset detection but the configurations used in the document may be useful. 

    As for the TPA0253, it looks like this will work! Just ensure that the minimum load impedance (10kohms) of the lineouts is satisfied. 


    Aaron Estrada