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TAS6424EQ1EVM: TAS6424EQ1EVM : How to play audio.

Part Number: TAS6424EQ1EVM
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Hello, my name is tes.hwang.

The PPC3 program was installed, and EVM apps were also installed by logging in as shown in the figure below.
I want to play audio, but how do I use an app that plays audio?
Do I need to install it?

Thank you.

  • Hwang,

    You can find this information from TAS6424EVM user guide.

    After USB connected, the board will be a audio card, so PC can play audio directly.

    also you can use SPDIF interface or directly use TDM/IiS interface audio souce.


  • Hi Dylan.

    I grabbed the device of Windows Media Player as USB-AudioEVM (Tas6424 evm) and played music.
    I can confirm that data is transmitted to D- and D+ of the usb terminal.
    However, there is no output from the port of SDOUT-USB, pin 38 of the tas1020 chip.

    Thanks you.

  • Hwang,

    You are not using TAS6424EQ1EVM, is it correct? because TAS1020 is not used for this one. Probably you are using TAS6424Q1EVM.

    Can you confirm below:

    1. In the PC side, the EVM show up as a USB-audio device.

    2. the blue LED beside TAS1020 is on.

    3. SPDIF optical interface is not pulgged in. otherwise SPDIF interface will be higher priority.

    4. PVDD are powered up also.

    If above are confirmed but still not work, then probably something wrong with TAS1020(even if low possibility), and please go ahead use SPDIF optical interface.


  • Hi Dylan,

    It's my fault that the TAS1020 doesn't output any output, and now it's outputting normally.

    In Tas1020, I2S is output normally.
    So this output is input to TAS6424.

    However, the output of TAS6424 does not work.
    Run Devide Monitor & Control from the PurePath Console program.
    When you change Channel 1 to Play Mode, the TAS6424 Lineout emits a tick sound every 1 second.
    How can I get normal sound output?

    Thank you.

  • Hello,

    With a tick sound every 1 second indicates that the device is stuck in load diagnostics.  Do you have speakers or resistive loads attached to the amplifier?  The channels will not switch without a load.  The load diagnostics will indicate an open load and continue to test the load every second until the load is present.

    If you have a line out mode, you need adjust the Load Diagnostic control register 0x09.  On the EVM, place the device in Standby mode with the Standby toggle switch.  Then you can make the adjustments to the control register.  You can also, bypass the load diagnostics and it can be used without a speaker load.