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PGA2320: Design Solutions

Part Number: PGA2320
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: OPA325, OPA1688

Hi Team, 
We want to use a speaker in one of our products.
The system is battery-operated (3.7V nominal voltage).
I will need an audio input circuit to digitize the audio signals.
I will need an audio output to play the recorded sound data.
The volume of the speaker should be adjustable. 
Does TI have any such solutions?.

  • Shibin,

    I am looking into this and will respond tomorrow. Thank you for your patience. 

  • Shibin,

    The minimum supply voltage of the PGA2320 is +/-4.5V split supply.

    I will need more information regarding your application to make other suggestions for the audio output side. We do have ultra low noise op amps such as the OPA325 that can be supplied at a minimum supply of 2.2V.

    1) What is the ohmic value of the speaker?

    2) How much current will need to be supplied to the speaker? 

    We do have audio DACs here with a reference design tab:

    If you have questions regarding a specific DAC and specify it in a separate post our DAC experts will assist you. 

  • Hi CF,
    I can explain to you my requirements.
    I'll need a microphone to digitize the voice. I can probably use a module like ICS-43432 because they have a piezo mic within them and have I2S output.
    1). I also need a circuit to connect to an external microphone. (Through a connector)
    2). I need an audio output circuit to play the digitized voice within the board. (a speaker within the board)
    3). I need a provision to connect external speakers as well. (Through a connector)
    4). I hope a speaker like SM360616-1 will suffice my requirement

  • Shibin,

    I would take a look at the MSP430. It has onboard DACs and ADC's etc. It may be the perfect solution for your application. 

  • Hi CF,
    Is there any dedicated codec ICs for my functionality other than MCUs,
    Like an audio codec to connect the with a 3.5mm audio jack so that I can use both external speaker and microphone?.
    Another or the same audio codec to drive a speaker within the system.
    An audio codec for the internal microphone.
    It will be great if we have I2S communication for every ICs 

  • Shibin,

    We have the MSP430 which is a solution that would encompass everything from ADC to DAC and could be used by coding it. The other options are choosing a discrete ADC chip paired with analog circuitry such as our precision Op Amps and discrete DACs.  

    I have found I2S components in the link below. If you have questions regarding a specific chip from below our experts can help you on one of these devices by posting a question with one of these chip names. I can help with precision Op Amps such as OPA1688 etc.